condom manufacturing

Have you ever see how a condom produced? Main process is the dipping. The process of condom manufacturing is called the dipping, because it is performed by glass formers mounted on an endless chain dipping into liquid latex. The first dip process being finished, the latex is dried, and the glass former enters into a second dip tank.

Afterwards of the first dipping process, the natural latex film dries again, and the bead is made by means of a brush system at the same time. The glass former then moves into the vulcanization tunnel where it is heated to 115° C. When the glass former leaves the vulcanization tunnel, the latex film is tightly on the glass form. After this process, the glass former came through a soaking tank, in which the latex film is loosened so that the latex condom can be stripped-off by means of brushes afterwards. The glass former is cleaned before the next condom production round is starting. 

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