The condom policies to prevent HIV is failed to protect sex workers.

Chinese police take two methods to handle sex work cases. One is trying to catch sex workers in the act , the other is inspecting sex work venues, with condoms as the main focus in operations. They cracked down on sex workers routinely look for condoms as evidence of illegal activity, hindering efforts to prevent the spread of HIV among sex workers, one of the biggest at risk groups in China.

When police arrest sex worker, they will search for condom that will decrease sex workers' willingness to carry and use condom. Among those who have been interrogated by police in the past year, condom usage rates are clearly lower. Sex workers who had not been questioned by police, 68 percent said they always use condoms, while 48 percent who had been interrogated said they consistently used condoms.

 It's a common problem in just about every country in the world. Commercial sex is going to take place in more risky venues, where the women selling sex are more vulnerable to violence, extortion, robbery, assault, gang rape.

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