Condom help stop the transmission of STIs

Safe sex is healthy, rewarding and fun. If you're having sex, condoms are the only form of protection that can help stop the transmission of STIs and at the same time prevent unplanned pregnancy. 
  • You can’t tell if someone has an STI based on how they look, where they’re from or who they have slept with.
  • Planning ahead and taking condoms with you, means you’ll not have to worry later.
  • Think its awkward asking your partner to wear condoms? Imagine finding out you’ve got an STI
  • Using condoms provide you with peace of mind and lets you enjoy the process!
  • A Condom can prevent you from catching HIV
  • People with STIs often don’t know they’re infected, so protect yourself just in case.

Not only condom will you help you reduce your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection, or an unplanned pregnancy, but you and your partner will feel more comfortable and enjoy the moment. To custom your own brand condoms, contact condom manufacturers. Email: