A few things to keep you safe when using condoms.

You have finally found the best condoms to get the job done and it is almost time for you to head into heated battle. You need to remember a few more things to keep you safe.

Don't store the condom in a glove box or in your wallet, condoms should avoid directly sunlight and heat. Also, don't use condoms pass the expiration date and don't open condoms with your teeth or finger. Keep them handy in your nightstand. For nights away, it is ok to keep condoms in your pocket for a day.

If you're using a Latex condom, don't use oil-based lubrication such as skin lotions, baby oil or cold cream - the oil in these products breaks the Latex. Always use water based or latex compatible lubricants with Latex condoms. If you must use oil based lubricants with polyurethane condoms, these are safe to use with oil.

Make sure you're fully aroused before you try to put on the condoms. It's a good idea to be kneeling or standing while putting on a condom since this helps maintain blood flow and your erection. If you're using a flavored or non-latex condom and she's in a playful mood, you can have her apply the condoms with her mouth to really get the action started. Don't try this with standard condoms unless she likes the taste of oily rubber.

When it's go time, start slow. See how shallow and slow you can go before she pulls you all in. This will give you both a chance to actually feel something before you go crazy and the anticipation will drive her wild as well.

If at any time during the sex is ambushed (the condom breaks or comes off), stop immediately and pull out. Wash your pennies and put on a new condom. If the condom comes off make sure you find it, if it's nowhere to be found it is most like still inside your partner and she will need to take care of this situation.

After the intercourse, you should hold the condoms at the base and pull out slowly. This should be done while you are still at attention.

Throw away the used condom in the trash, not the toilet. If you choose the toilet they will come back to haunt you some day. The last thing but the most important you should use condoms for each sex. OEM private label condom manufacturers, custom brand condoms factory, OEM logo condoms manufacturers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com