Can you get pregnant with a condom?

Safe sex is healthy  and fun. Not only will you reduce your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection, or an unplanned pregnancy, but you and your partner will feel more comfortable and enjoy the moment with a condom.

1. The Explanation ‘Effectiveness’

The condom can be 98 percent effective that means 2 to 3 percent of those 15 billion condoms break when having sex? That for every 100 couples who make love with a condom, 2 or 3 will get pregnant?

No the statistic means that, all else being equal, for every 100 women whose male partner uses a condom completely consistently and correctly for a calendar year, two or three of those females will become pregnant anyway.

This research gives the condom-user better odds than simply having a 2 percent chance of getting pregnant every time you have sex with a condom. The percent is neither ‘per condom’ nor ‘per sex act.’ If it was, even careful condom users will be impregnating their partners every few months. Actually most condom-using couples around the world stay pregnancy-free year-round.

2. Not Correctly Use

completely consistent and correct usage is easier said than done. The problem is, some people don’t do the right thing each single time. Perfect condom use is 98 percent effective. In the real world, condom effectiveness is more like 84 percent.

There are two different types of condom effectiveness statistics: perfect use and typical use. The difference between them is the result of user error or omission—waiting too long or not waiting long enough to put it on, or not leaving space in the tip for the semen, for example. For the best possible odds of preventing pregnancy, you must use condoms just as they were meant to be used.

3. Personal and Conditional Factors

As 98 percent is the average effectiveness for most people, you might not belong to ‘most people.’ Even if you use condoms like a champ and always have a fresh supply, the reality is that the true probability of you achieving pregnancy depends on numerous factors to condoms or their usage. Many of them are difficult, if not impossible to calculate.

No contraceptive is 100 percent guarantee, but male condoms are far and away the most effective method we have. As a OEM condom factory, please use condoms for each sex. Email: