Condom Use on pregnancy outcomes in babies or mothers

About Safety and Risks

There are researches on the contraceptive effectiveness and STI protection of condoms, But there is little study about the risks of types of condoms material or their additives on pregnancy outcomes in babies or mothers. Beyond displaying the condom material, condom manufacturers don't reveal much about ingredients added to enhance the appeal of their condoms on either the package or on their websites. So it is difficult to do independent clinical study on the safety and risks of condom use during pregnancy.

About Condom Additives

Formulas added to condom may include chemicals, talc, or starch to low down the condom material from sticking to itself, spermicides, lubricants, and preservatives, also with other substances added to heighten sensation and sexual response. There is little information on risks to the developing fetus for many of the following additives but some may raise the risk for cervical, vaginal or vulvar inflammation and infections, which may increase the risk for STIs.

The vaginal environment became more alkaline in pregnant women, which can lead to overgrowth of yeast and other vaginal bacteria; these additives may increase alkalinity.

About Spermicides

Some condoms are coated with spermicides for added contraceptive protection. One study looked at the outcome of babies born to mothers who continued to use condoms with spermicides before they realized they were pregnant. There was a small increase in membranous ventricular septal defect (VSD - a hole in the heart), but there is no found other newborn birth defects.

Spermicides such as nonoxyl-9 (N-9) are detergents that kill sperm. They can decrease the storage life of latex condoms and so decrease safety against STIs. Nonoxyl-9 can also cause allergic and irritant inflammation in the vagina and cervix, which can increase the risk of contracting an STI if the condom breaks. N-9 can't provide protection against HIV or other STIs, as per the World Health Organization the N-9 condoms will not give any added protection during pregnancy. OEM private label condom manufacturers and suppliers. Email: