private label lady condom producing factory

Lady condom also named Female condoms or internal condoms or Femidons, which prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV and pregnancy during vaginal sex. They can also be used inside the anus to protect from STIs. You might also want to take a look at our male (external) condom page for information on how to use those.

What is female condom?
A female condom is worn inside vagina or anus to create a barrier to stop bodily fluids and semen from entering body. They are made from a soft plastic material called polyurethane. Though these are called female condoms, they can be used by people of any gender for protection during anal sex. You can often get female condoms free from sexual health clinics or healthcare professionals, and they are sold in some shops and pharmacies. If you can’t find these condoms locally, they are available from online shop. There are different types of female condoms, common brands include Femidom, Dominique, Mango, Femy, Myfemy, Protectiv, Elegance, Della and Care.

As a professional polyurethane condom producer, we can customize produce clients own label sachet and box, welcome inquiry us to custom produce your own female condom project. MOQ is only 10 000 pcs.